HTML5 Mobile Web Templates for Smartphones and Tablet

mobi-Hybrid® Mobile Website Templates

Offering the best of all worlds, mobi-Hybrid® website templates are specifically configured to work like a mobile website while still serving as a fully functional website on PC, Mac, laptops and tablets. Built as responsive designs, optimized for smartphones and all mobile devices, Allwebco mobi-Hybrid® HTML responsive web templates are the "in-between" solution that allow you to maintain a single website for both mobile and non-mobile web browsers.

Responsive Web Templates

Responsive For Mobile Website Templates

All new designs for 2015 Business HTML5 / CSS websites. Includes 14 pages: home, about, site map, services, press, staff, PDFs, news, links, contact form, payments, privacy, thanks and missing blank page. Works with any web hosting company on any server type or can be ordered as a complete web setup with any Allwebco hosting package and domain. Responsive W3C compliant designs. Rates a 99 out of 100 for "User Experience" at Google Page Speed Insights
Responsive Web Templates

Budget mobi-Hybrid® Mobile Website Templates

All new designs for 2015 Budget priced HTML5 / CSS websites. Includes 8 pages: home, about, services, clients, gallery, payments, contact and missing blank page. Works with any hosting company or can be ordered as a complete site with any hosting package and a domain. Responsive W3C compliant designs.
Business Mobile Web Templates

mobi-Hybrid® Business Website Templates

2015 Updated Complete responsive business mobile web templates built in standard HTML5 and CCC3. Includes 18 pages: Home, about, services, site map, links, PDFs, videos, contact & quotes forms, privacy policy, payment page with Paypal, slideshow, 2 galleries (with Paypal cart option), missing and 2 thanks pages. Works with any web hosting company or can be ordered as a complete site with any hosting package and a domain name. Edit with any HTML or plain text editor.
Responsive Designs

Business Responsive Web Templates

New for 2015 HTML5 and CSS3 design, includes 18 pages: Home, about, contact and quotes forms, site map, news, links, clients, services, careers, PDF downloads, two 4 image "inclusive" galleries with Paypal cart option included. Responsive for mobile as well as desktop, laptop and tablet. Works with any web hosting company, optionally can be ordered with hosting and a domain name.
Musician Mobile Web Templates

Musician mobi-Hybrid® Website Templates

Audio and video sites. Built in standard HTML5 and CSS3. Includes 8 pages: home, gallery, videos, mp3 sales (with iTunes or Amazon widgets), contact, 3 mp3 samples pages (36 mp3s, expandable) and missing blank page. Works with any hosting company or can be ordered as a complete site with any web hosting package and a domain name. Fully responsive design.
Musician Responsive Webpage Designs

Music Responsive Webpage Templates

All new for 2015 HTML5 and CSS3 code. Includes 22 pages: Home, bio, contact, site map, merchandise with cart, links, services, events, free downloads, 4 mp3 samples pages (48 mp3s, expandable), 4 videos pages, 2 .jpg slideshows, thanks pages. Responsive for mobile, tablets PC and Mac. Can be setup with any hosting company or ordered with web hosting and a domain name.

Also available with mp3 auto-download sales.
iPad and Tablet Designs

iPad & Tablet Mobile Web Templates

HTML5 web templates designed and configured for iPad and tablets as well as mobile devices, smartphones, laptops, PC and Mac desktop computers. Ideal for a standard HTML5 compliant website setup that also needs to be mobile and smartphone friendly. Click the image above to view iPad / tablet web templates. Although not built as responsive design, iPad websites are built to a minimal width specification for mobile.

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mobi-Hybrid® Mobile Website Template Details

No monthly fees: Part mobile website and part standard HTML5 site. Configured for mobile, smartphones, iPhone, iPad and tablet computers as well as laptops, PC and Mac desktop computers and other devices. Allwebco mobi-Hybrid® HTML5 website templates include multiple pages, style css files for colors, fonts sizes and layout. Standard .jpg graphic logo header, professional contact and quotes forms (in business models), plus global plain text Javascript menu, header and footer files for quick website updates. All images and backgrounds are standard .jpg and .gif images. Mobile website template pages can be duplicated or re-named to add new webpages to your site. New mobile web template pages and links in the menu can be added using a free plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Built including smartphone and mobile device optimization.

More Than Just Mobile Compliant

Developer grade design specifically optimized and configured for mobile, tablet and smartphone compatibility, all Allwebco iPad and mobi-Hybrid® web templates are configured and tested for the latest web browser software technology. CSS code and meta tags are optimized for optimal display not only in mobile devices, but for tablet, laptop and PC and Mac desktop computers. Our mobile designs are configured to be the best of all worlds, both for traditional computers and mobile devices. Designed in W3C specifications compliant HTML5, mobi-Hybrid® mobile web templates are the ideal choice for any website setup project. See Adding a Mobile Website and also mobi-Hybrid® web templates in our support area for help with mobile website template integration and options. View also how to create a mobile friendly website.

Responsive Design

All our mobile compliant websites are designed as responsive. To respond to the specific device or browser they are viewed in. On Mac and PC the webpages will expand to fill more of the browser window. If viewed on tablet, the design conforms to the specific device browser width by utilizing both css design elements as well as tablet and mobile specific meta tags. On smartphones the entire webpage collapses horizontally to allow the page to appear zoomed. Elements too wide for the specific mobile device will stack to make sure all page features are easily viewable. All these design elements allow for an optimal viewing experience with easy text reading and site navigation, with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling required.

See Responsive Design at Wikipedia and also at

HTML5 Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile devices now outnumber desktop computers. Webmasters need to seriously consider this factor during web development and site implementation. Your site will need to support W3C web standards including HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript while still including fallback code for older browsers. HTML5 web standards allow website designers and developers to include advanced graphics, typography, animations, audio and video, and transitions in new website projects. Important factors that we consider during our web design development are screen size, orientation and how the site will adapt to the device, menu sizes and functionality and other navigation, device specific meta tags, image sizes and byte count, simplicity of the page code, fonts, widths, formatting and related CSS styles, screen contrast visibility, and number of Javascript and dynamic elements included on the webpages. Whether for business or personal use, all our mobile website templates consider these factors in each design to give you the highest mobile compatibility on all device types. We take the time to consider how a website will look to the mobile user and implement that in every design so our sites are not just scaled down desktop versions. For further information see: HTML at w3schools, HTML5 at Apple, HTML5 Developer Conference, Developing Mobile Sites, Google Go Mo, and

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Allwebco mobi-Hybrid® Mobile Web Templates, the Smart Choice

Basic HTML5 designed mobile website templates, standard .jpg images and multiple pages with scripts and CSS built into all mobi designs are just a few of the reasons to choose an Allwebco mobile website template. Other mobile web template companies usually include only 1 or 2 pages with your purchase and you, as the developer, must duplicate and re-format these pages to create new areas on your mobile optimized website. All pages included with Allwebco designs are setup with pre-formatted webpages for some of the more popular website areas like: contact/quotes forms, PDF downloads, testmonials, services and more. Mobile, tablet and smartphone optimization is built into every design as well as search engine optimization code and meta tags to allow for you to easily optimize your website for the best possible listing in search engines like Google, MS Bing and Yahoo! See website template features for more details. Fully guaranteed with a 100% money back policy, any Allwebco mobi-Hybrid® web template is returnable within 30 days. Trade-ins on any mobile design are allowed for up to 90 days and upgrades for any mobi web template design are allowed for the life of all our designs. If any mobile web template is upgraded you can, at any time, request a new free download. We have many free addons and upgrades available and over 300 pages of help and setup info available in the web template template support site.

Mobile Optimized Responsive Website Templates

Built in HTML5, with standard .jpg image files that can be replaced with your own .jpg images, mobi-Hybrid® mobile website templates are optimized for all popular smartphone, mobi and tablet computers, including iPhone, Android, as well as iPad and all popular mobile devices. No graphics editing knowledge is required to setup any mobile website template for your project. All mobi-Hybrid® mobile web templates include built-in CSS style mouseover effects plus many other built-in HTML5, Javascript and CSS style features.

Mobile website template downloads include all of the source code and files used for the design, plus step by step instructions, and unlimited access to our website template support area. Helpful and timely email support is included with every order. Works with all hosting account types and companies and fully compatible in all modern, as well as many older, web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Netscape, Opera, etc. Configured for Smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), laptops, other mobile devices as well as Mac and PC (Windows) desktop computers. Check the FAQ for more.

Mobile Options

  • No monthly fees
  • Compliant HTML5
  • Mobile form pages
  • Standard .jpg images
  • Global CSS styles
  • For any text or HTML editor
  • Order with, or without, hosting
  • Meta tags for mobile
  • FAQ

Mobile Details

  • No monthly fees
  • Editable colors
  • Comprehensive help
  • Support site help included
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Build your own site
  • Easy to use for mobile
  • Original designs you can not get anywhere else
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